Holistic Teacher Training

Transform your body, mind and emotions

Integrating the 8 limbs of yoga with sacred sound and psychotherapy principles


Yoga is a subtle science that works on the different facets of our human experience – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

The path of a yoga teacher training course is more than just learning how to teach a one hour yoga class, it is about embodying yoga and empowering others to heal and learn about the deeper dimensions of life. It is about strengthening and deepening your understanding of the yogic teachings, practices and culture to guide your students on their own path.

If you’re ready to: 

  • Open your mind to ancient teachings and authentic methods of yoga practice;
  • Put in the work and step into the role of a student so you can be a better teacher; and
  • Bring the practice of yoga back to its origins, discover contemporary applications of the inner sciences, and heal through connectedness…

This unique YTT is created to guide you on this journey.


What is the TRU Yoga approach? 

The acronym TRU stands for The Resonance of Unity. 

Yoga means union, and is both a path, practice and realization of Oneness. Through yoga we learn to create a harmonious resonance between body, mind and spirit, which brings about continuous insights into how life operates.

This approach to yoga is about making us aware about the subtle nature of reality – like moving through the layers of an onion to find out what lies underneath. 

Through self-knowledge we gain, we heal ourselves and learn how to create the life we want while living in service to the whole.


Another billion people doing downward dog won’t create a revolution in society, but even if a portion of humanity begins a genuine yoga practice, the impact will be significant.

Become a great yoga teacher by learning to be a great student; understand the philosophy behind the practice of yoga


A Totally Unique Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) 

In addition to the yoga modules, the inner curriculum of this training cultivates 5 core competencies to develop your human potential.

Yogic Body

High Vibrations: Strong, flexible, grounded and filled with life-force

Vedic Mind

Powerful Cognitions: Open, self-inquiring, multi-dimensional perception 

Sufi Heart

Soulful wisdom: Loving, creative, capable of ecstatic states

Indigenous Relationship

Community minded: Balanced, inclusive, life-reverent

Zen Living

Noble simplicity: Spacious, flowing, in harmony with natural principles

Join us: Here’s everything you need to know.

Become TRU Yoga Certified: April 2023

Receive your 200hr YTT Certification in beautiful Costa Rica this April, alongside a community of fellow yogis ready to step into their power and purpose. 

Whether you just want to develop a transformational practice, become a certified teacher, or expand your existing knowledge and skillset as a teacher – this training is for you.


Your Experience Options

We believe that yoga is for everybody, and we strive to create accessible trainings that honor the teachers and support students of different income brackets.

To create more accessibility, we have created a sliding scale for the program: 

$1700 for the economically constrained, students or underemployed.

$2100 – for the economically balanced, artists or gig workers

$2300 – for the economically abundant, happily sustained, supporting others

Kindly choose the option that honestly reflects your circumstance to that this model is sustainable.

Please read the following:
  • If you are a Costa Rican National please specify in the application form.
  • Payment plans available. Please indicate in your application form.
  • Tuition price only is listed above, please view room and board options below.
Have questions? Contact us: namaste@themysticyogi.com


We are partnering with Awake – a beautiful center for awakening in the heart of Uvita, Costa Rica. There are three (3) accommodation options to meet your personal preferences and budget.

All prices include food for the entire program:

  • Dorm: Accommodates up to 3 individuals: $1000
  • Private Room: Great for friends or couples : Full bed: $1599 per person/ King bed or double twin: $1749
  • Deluxe Casita: Enjoy a deluxe casita with private bathroom and balcony all to yourself – $1999

Accommodation includes a meal service specially designed for the YTT. A full-service breakfast each morning, abundant healthy snacks and drinks in the afternoon, and buffet dinner in the evening. Everything is vegetarian, gluten-free, organic and locally sourced. 

“Zamir’s training is a wealth of information that is accessible and relevant to all with texts, discussion, and asanas to help incorporate the teachings. Yoga teachers who have learned about the 8 limbs of yoga in their training can find a renewed understanding; students who are new to the practice can find a clear introduction to the concepts.”

– Ally, Yoga teacher & school instructor

Are you ready to lead deeper transformations? More importantly, are you ready to experience one of your own? 

Apply For The TRU Yoga Teacher Training Certification

By submitting your application, you are giving us permission to send you additional information about the TRU Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

If you need financial support please indicate this in the last box and help us understand your circumstance. 

Make sure you put the correct email address, and look for the follow-up email in your promotions folder
YTT Interest Application

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it by application only?

This training is unique and it’s important to us that everyone participating is a good fit for this program. 

I’ve already a certified teacher, is this still for me?

If you are already a certified yoga teacher, we still highly recommend this training. Most entry level YTT’s do not cover the depth and breadth of what we offer here. Transformative yoga practice requires a deeper understanding of yoga teachings and methods that are taught in most trainings. 

If you are already a yoga teacher, please specify this in your application for an additional discount.

What is the refund policy if I’m unable to make it after I sign up?

We understand, life happens! Unless there are extenuating circumstances as determined by The Mystic Yogi team, your deposit is non-refundable up to 60 days before the training begins. This will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

There are only 20 spots in the training, so we recommend that you apply and put your deposit down early if yo are serious.

What is the Inner Path Deck?

The Inner Path Deck is a card deck and tool developed by The Mystic Yogi to support you with your individual practice and to provide a deeper understanding of yogic philosophies with your students. 

Want to start exploring the 8 Limbs concepts and other philosophies sooner? Learn more here

 Are payment plans available?

Yes! If your application is accepted, a deposit of $795 is due to secure your participation. The remainder is due 30 days before the program begins. 

What are the 8 Limbs?

Over 2,500 years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali defined eight components, or “limbs” as the blueprint for the yoga journey. He condensed the Indian yogic tradition into an open-ended system for cultivating ethical character, training the mind and realizing the Self.

Learn more about them in the YTT

What kind of Yoga will we do?

You will become established in hatha yoga and raja yoga – with essential teachings from vinyasa and yin. You will also learn, practice and experience the four primary paths of yoga : Knowledge, devotion, service and meditation.

Can I do this certification if I’m new to practicing yoga?

This training is by application and we do ask your experience and journey with your yoga practice to make sure you’re a good fit for this certification. If you’ve never done yoga before, we suggest that you start to take classes and develop some practice before applying to a teacher training.