Hello and namaste.

My name is Sarah, and I am honored to invite you into this crazy, awesome, mystical, magical life of mine.

Wherever you’re at on your yoga journey, you have a place here.

Wherever you’re at on your spiritual journey, you have a place here.

Wherever you’re at on your wellness journey, you have a place here.

You, in all your brilliance, bring something unique to this life. I’m here to help you find it, love it, and express it.

Welcome to The Mystic Yogi.



3 Easy Ways to Meditate More Often

We’re talking meditation, baby. This ancient practice, found across an endless number of religions and cultures, has gathered some buzz lately, as study after study reveals the benefits of simply being.  Until recently, whenever I heard the word ‘meditation,’ pictures of buddhist monks in foldy, pretzel positions, up in the mountains, silent for hours are what flashed …

Essential Oils

The Mystic Yogi is partners with two amazing, pure sources for essential oils: Imani Natural + Young Living.

That’s right, two.

Too often, consumers get sucked into just one company because of buy-in fees, up-front costs, and membership deals gone wrong. Each source provides different pros + cons, so we’ve dug up the best of each to provide you with options that won’t bust your budget. Learn a little about each, and decide what’s right for you in your oil + health journey.


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