You’re interested in yoga, but have you learned about two of the most important principles behind the practice?


The Mystic Yogi is offering this series as a gift.

This online course demystifies the term “karma” as a practical and logical principle for understanding how we create and experience our reality. You then discover the meaning of “dharma” and how yoga applies the laws of nature and spirit to transform karma for conscious evolution.

Karma is your fate - Dharma is your destiny

The ancient teachings of yoga empower you to re-shape your mental habits, physical health, relationship dynamics and connection to existence. You have the power to choose your response to challenging situations. These choices will determine whether you react from past conditioning or respond from present possibilities; shaping your destiny as you transform obstacles into opportunities – this is the journey from karma to dharma.

In this webinar you will be introduced to the yogic knowledge and processes that makes this possible.


Yogic Teachings Explored


Take evolution into your hands

Take your yoga practice to the next level

Inner Path Deck - Yoga Philosophy Practice Deck

We have tools for practicing physical yoga - mats, straps, blocks - but what about the inner practice of yoga?

The Inner Path Deck is a tool for learning and integrating yoga philosophy into your life, creating a deeper and more authentic yoga practice for conscious evolution. 

150 Page Wisdom Guidebook Featuring:

Introduction to the yoga sutras
8 Limbs of yoga overview
Full Colour Art Card + Guided Readings

wisdom guidebook yoga philosophy
This world yoga day, in addition to discounting the deck we’ve created a special offering for the yoga community.
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Purchase the Inner Path Deck (reg. $39) and receive a bonus 1 hour Inner Path Deck workshop (reg. $17) on yoga philosophy and how to apply it with the deck.