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We create dharma art, educational tools and transformative trainings that empower you to develop your inner potential.

It is our mission to make the teachings of the mystics and yogis part of your life and practice.

“Every awakened yogi will have an immense impact upon the consciousness of humanity. Individually, each of us can discover the source of bliss within, develop our one-pointedness, find a flow in our movement and, in the midst of the world, abide in our center and exude the power of stillness and clarity. An integrated yoga practice can offer this to us.”



TRU Yoga Teacher Certification

Get your 200hr YTT Certification with The Mystic Yogi’s TRU Yoga Approach – a unique training rooted deeply in the 8 limbs of yoga, integrating new understandings of soma and psyche with a diversity of ancient knowledge streams.

This hybrid learning experience of in-person immersion and post-training integration online, will give you a lifetime of resources to be a guiding light for your students and bring healing to yourself and the world.


Meet Zamir Dhanji

Zamir is a life-long student to the ancient practices and teachings of Yoga. 

He served as an instructor in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy for Langara College; He studies Ati-Yoga under Wisdom Master Maticintin – his spiritual teacher for the last decade – and has spent extended periods in the study of buddhist logic and meditation at the monastery. 

He’s also a practitioner of compassionate inquiry, a somatic-based psychotherapy, and creator of the Patterns to Presence program. In 2020, he founded The Mystic Yogi, published the Inner Path Deck and developed the TRU Yoga approach to challenge the current norms of the Yoga industry and help others deepen their connection to Yoga Philosophies. 

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