Definition: This word stems from two Sanskrit roots: ‘Brahman’, meaning God or Ultimate Reality in the Vedas, and ‘carya’, which means occupation with, engaging, behaviour, to follow, or going after.

Card Symbology:

The swan is a mythical symbol of discernment, possessing the ability to separate milk from water, or the real from the unreal. The lotus rises from the muck and emerges beautifully in the world, just like the power of creative energy when harnessed correctly. Saraswati, as “that which connects to and purifies the essence of a thing” floats on the lotus carrying the symbols of music, art, knowledge, wisdom and speech.

“The word brahmacharya means living like a god… living a life divine. Brahmacharya is a transmutation of the energy: it is not being against sex, rather it is changing the whole energy from the sex center to the higher centers.”





Divine Conduct



2.38 brahmacharya pratisthayam virya labhah

When walking in the awareness of the highest reality (brahmacharya) is firmly established, then a great strength, capacity, or vitality (virya) is acquired. — Patanjali

While often translated to mean celibacy and renunciation of sensual pleasure, brahmacharya is about keeping one’s thoughts and actions engaged in living our Divinity. In the vedic culture, brahmacharya is also the first of four ashrama (stages of life), where a student is supported to focus their energy on cultivating knowledge, talents and life-skills for living a spiritually grounded existence before engaging in sexual relationships. 

Following an ethical code for your life is the basis of character development, and increases your capacity for integrity in the moment of choice. Daily spiritual practice is essential because by strengthening and maintaining your connection to Source, you’ll naturally live in a spiritual way. High vibration inputs for your body, heart, and mind keep you aligned to your authentic self, creating a feedback loop of discernment and compassion. 

In placing spiritual development at the heart of your life choices, you’ll naturally spread connection, creativity, and generosity. Saraswati embodies this archetype as the Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom, speech, and any activity that purifies and connects to the essence of a person. She reminds us that spiritual wisdom, beauty, and eloquence flow to and from the awakened heart.

If you receive this card it might be asking you to choose what uplifts yourself and others rather than what creates confusion and anxiety. By releasing compulsive behaviors you naturally refine your choices and what you want in life comes authentically – without the ego’s involvement in manipulating or aggressively pursuing objects of desire.

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