An Inner Path class is not your regular yoga session; it’s an integrated practice that educates body, mind and soul through hatha flows, yoga philosophy and spiritual technology.

Each class is themed using yoga concepts from the Inner Path Deck, insights from science and psychology, and one of the seven moving principles of practice as taught by hatha yoga master Donna Farhi.

These principle are perfect for online learning as they help you connect to your inner somatic intelligence – meaning that you start to find the right alignment for your body within the pose.


Format of each 1.5 hour session: 

  • Overview and introduction of the yoga philosophy and key theme 
  • Guided exploration of the moving principle of practice 
  • Hatha Flow 
  • Guided meditation 
  • Included: 1 beautiful PDF handout for each class with a practice to integrate the concept presented


North America : Fridays June 12th – July 24th

 Asia : Saturdays June 13th – July 25th 


Multiple Time Zones

North America – 7 pm PST

Asia –  10 am SGT

Check your timezone here


$15 drop-in
$75 for the 7 class package

*No one turned away for lack of funds, please email for support

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$15 drop-in per class
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The Seven Moving Principles:

Developed by Donna Farhi, a master of hatha yoga, these moving principles of practice teach you how to move from within. Perfect for online learning – where you cannot receive hands-on adjustments – learning these principles enables you to find a natural alignment by educating the body to follow universal movement patterns. 

The Principles:

  1. Breathe – Let the breath move you
  2. Yield – Yield to the earth weight and levity.
  3. Radiate – Move for the inside out.
  4. Center – Maintain the integrity of the spine.
  5. Support – Establish foundations of support.
  6. Align – Create clear lines of force.
  7. Engage – Engage the whole body.

Each class will feature one of these principles, which will be explained through a guided exercise, and then integrated into the postures that follow.

The aim of the principles is to help you become your own teacher – once you understand how to move and feel in your own body, you will find functional alignment and greater mental and physical benefits from your practice.

The Inner Path Deck

This 26 card yoga education tool empowers you to learn about yoga as an Inner Path to master your energy, develop your mind, and awaken your spiritual potential. 

Each class will introduce you to an aspect of the eight limbs of yoga with stunning art, powerful insights, and guided teachings from different traditions.

About the Instructor

Zamir has been an avid student of yoga, mysticism, mythology and modern science for over a decade. He’s studied meditation and buddhist logic under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin for eight years, completed his 500 hr Chakra Yoga Training with David Goulet, and spent many years traveling to sacred sites for guidance and deepened practice.

He’s served as a lead instructor for the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training Program, teaching asana, pranayama and yoga philosophy. He teaches regular classes and workshops in Vancouver and abroad.

As a teacher, he wants students to develop their capacity for self-knowledge by remaining rooted in what works. He’s a fan of Bruce Lee, who said “take what works, discard what doesn’t and add what’s uniquely you own.”

Additional Info

Instructor: Zamir Dhanji 

Recommended : 1+ year of yoga experience

Platform: Zoom

Class is limited to 20 students to ensure adequate attention is given to each participant. You will be monitored and supported through the class, with verbal adjustments suggested. Spaces are limited so once you have paid for the class you will receive an email with the Zoom Link for the upcoming session(s).

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We only have 20 spots available for each class, save yours now:

$15 drop-in per class
$75 for the 7 classes (you save $30)

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