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The Inner Path Deck is a visual tool to discover and apply profound yoga teachings in an intuitive and creative way without needing years of study first – transforming your practice both on and off the mat.

“Yoga means to move towards an experiential reality where one knows the ultimate nature of the existence”
— Sadhguru

What is the Inner path deck?

The Inner Path Deck can be used as both an oracle / tarot and a study tool.

The images and guidance in the deck give you yogic viewpoints on your life situations as you learn the 8 limbs of yoga in an authentic and inspiring way that speaks to you in the moment. The booklet teaches you profound sanskrit terms, sutras and practices from the yoga tradition.

While the message on each card is succinct and gives you oracular guidance, this  not a fluffy oracle deck – it’s for people who want to learn and apply yogic wisdom in their life as an extension of their practice.

who is it for?

The wisdom guidebook

26 Yogic Terms From the 8 Limbs of Yoga

Symbolic Art

Activate your intuition with symbolic art that speaks to your psyche

Yoga Sutra references and sanskrit pronunciation

Spiritual Stories

Share and remember the essential concepts through simple stories that resonate

Guided practices and meditations

Powerful Insights

Illuminating perspectives and probing questions that make yoga philosophy relevant to your life

Spiritual stories and symbology

Suggested Practices

Guided contemplations and time-tested practices to integrate the knowledge

why the inner path deck?

The Inner Path Deck and Guide includes: 

Foil-embellished keepsake box with magnetic closure
26 full-color art cards
Matte laminate finish with gold foil details
150-page full-color guidebook
Sanskrit definitions, pronunciations and yoga sutra selections
Symbology references for each individual card

behind the scenes

Over 2000 years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali condensed the practice and philosophy of yoga into 8 components, or limbs; leaving us a yogic blue-print for ethical living, mind-training and spiritual realization.

The 8 Limbs provide a holistic structure that encompasses the moral and lifestyle practices recommended for the yogi to become established in yoga – the state of unitive consciousness. For those of us living in today’s busy world, it is important to take the different facets of our life into account from a spiritual view. While our logical minds want everything to follow linear progression, the journey of life itself takes place in a spiral: We continue to revisit the themes, practices, and guidance of each of the eight limbs of yoga as we evolve.

This deck is called The Inner Path because the yoga journey is about going within and discovering yourself; how you create your world, how the world influences you and the universal principles that underlie reality. In addition to the 8 limbs of yoga, this deck also has other important terms from the yoga lexicon that deepen our understanding and practice.

With the Inner Path Deck, yoga can become more than just a physical exercise or esoteric philosophy – it can be a transformative inner science to master your body and mind, awaken your spiritual potential and fulfill your destiny.

When we set out to create a tool for a new generation of yoga practitioners, we wanted something that would support visual learners – people who absorb information in small chunks and seek daily inspiration as well as knowledge.  

As a student of yoga,  Zamir spent many years studying the philosophical and mystical knowledge of the ancients – including the study of numerous books, some difficult to find and quite dense. The real work is finding a way to actualize these teachings in practice and he was fortunate to meet a spiritual Master with whom he’s studied for almost a decade.

When he began to teach yoga, especially as a teacher trainer for Langara College, he noticed how challenging it was to impart the yoga teachings to people with little exposure to spiritual philosophy. It felt like so much groundwork was needed, and many of the teachings of the yoga sutras can only be verified and appreciated once you become a practitioner of meditation.

The question became “how can I help people develop a solid foundation to begin a genuine yoga practice so that the inner limbs of yoga become available to work with?” This led him to develop the Inner Path Yoga Philosophy practice deck.

Now, whether you are a student or teacher of yoga, the Inner Path Deck will acquaint you with the language and practice of inner yoga.

Living in the modern world, our time for practice and reflection is more limited. We need tools that quickly open us up to inner guidance and help us make choices that amplify wisdom in our relationships, work and family life.

 Zamir had long been using divination tools to learn and practically apply ancient wisdom to life situations.  After learning all 64 hexagrams of the Chinese I-Ching just by using it as a daily oracle for years, he wondered why a similar tool wasn’t available for yoga and other mystical traditions.

Cards are a simple way to benefit from repetitive learning that is always fresh because every situation is different. When you learn in this way, the concepts stick as because they speak to you right in the moment.

Since they are interactive, they’re also great for group learning in workshops, classes and teacher trainings.

The versatility of the cards is such that they can be used in various ways depending on your needs and desires:

  • If you are a yoga student this deck can be of support in your personal study time. The images and the guidance will help you integrate the concepts easily. You can pick a card every day to have a theme to work on in your personal practice.  
  • As a spiritual seeker the cards can be the oracle that will help you find insights to your questions from a yogic perspective. Ask and the answers will come to you.
  • As a yoga teacher, you can use the cards to engage with your students and share with them the concepts of yogic living. 
  • As a quick reading, the cards can be your kind reminders of coming into presence. You can place them on your altar, or where you’ll see them and be reminded of staying centered. 

In all cases, The Inner Path deck can help you expand your consciousness and develop self-mastery step by step. Through the contemplations and the suggested practices, you’ll learn how to develop the skills needed to access deeper inner states and unlock your potential.

The Creators

Zamir Dhanji Yoga Teacher

Zamir Dhanji

Avid student of yoga, mysticism, mythology and modern science for over a decade. Over the last eight years he’s studied meditation and buddhist logic under the guidance of Wisdom Master Maticintin, completed his Chakra Yoga Training with David Goulet in the Gitananda tradition, and spent many years traveling to sacred sites for guidance and deepened practice.

He is currently a lead instructor for the Langara College Yoga Teacher Training Program and teaches regular classes and workshops in Vancouver and abroad.

Paola Vega Yoga Teacher

Paola Vega

Yoga practitioner and teacher from Colombia. She has dedicated the past years to enrich her spiritual vision and practice by traveling and learning from different teachers and traditions.  She completed  her  degree in product design from IED in Milan, integrating her aesthetic sensibility with practical knowledge of how to create.

She is passionate about Indian philosophy, sustainability and conscious living. And she shares her vision of these themes in her classes, retreats and workshops.

Xeu Jean Lisbon Artist

Xéu Jean

Lisbon-based artist and illustrator with a passion for the unconventional. With degrees in painting and industrial design from University of Toronto and the Pittsburgh Art Institute.

Xeu is influenced by the avant-garde art movement and dadaism. Her collage compositions reflect the layered and complex interactions of her own ineffable life and mind, while her flair for geometrical designs emerged from 20 years of work as a tattoo artist.

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