In this time of transition, upheaval and uncertainty, the medicine and wisdom of yoga is deeply needed. As teachers and practitioners, our role and responsibility in helping people find balance, attunement and sanity is greater than ever before.

To traverse yoga we need a map of the terrain – the spiritual, sociological, cultural and psychological landscapes that its ancient seers have travelled and terraformed. They tilled the spiritual soil of India with seeds of knowledge and practice that form the entire foundation of yoga that we know today.

The Inner Path Yoga Tour is about re-connecting to the powerful teachings of yoga through both its cultural and scientific dimensions

The Inner Path Tour will come to you in one of two ways, or both!

Dharma Talk: The Land of Yoga 

Once upon a time in the land of yoga, there was an epic adventure of the soul seeking freedom.

Through story, song, poetry and dialogue, you will be drawn into the land of yoga and learn how to voyage it with new eyes. Zamir masterfully weaves the history and mythology of yoga into a rich tapestry for the imagination, accompanied by mantras with their translations and poetry from sacred texts.

This is a heart opening experience which brings everyone into a field of participation and wonder. By the end, we bind the sacred web between tradition and modernity to catch a vision of yoga for our time.

Bring your curiosity and your questions, your aspirations and your doubts, as we travel the land of yoga and send you back with new signs and symbols to light your way.

Length: 2 hours


Workshop: The Yogic Blueprint

Over 2,500 years ago, the Indian sage Patanjali defined eight components, or “limbs” as the blueprint for the yoga journey. He condensed the Indian yogic tradition into an open-ended system for cultivating ethical character, training the mind and realizing the Self.

We build our practice on the yogic blueprint

In this workshop, we approach yoga as an evolving system by synthesizing the contributions, teachings, and insights of many contemporary experts in the fields of hatha yoga with discoveries in somatic psychology and biology.

A session of yogic postures, breathing & meditation is followed with discussion and personal reflection to deepen your understanding of the practice – integrating what we’ve learned, applying the principles and harvesting insights.

We will reference both classical yoga texts like the Bhagavad Gita and the yoga sutras, as well as all yogic art from The Inner Path: Yoga Philosophy Practice Deck developed by Zamir.

By the end you’ll become confident in the importance of your practice and the transformative benefits it brings to your life.

Length: 4 hours

Current Tour Stops

Oct. 15 – Land of Yoga ft. Live sitar music

Ganges yoga studio, Salt Spring Island / 4:30 – 6:30 pm / $15

Oct. 22 – Land of Yoga

Open Door Yoga, Commercial Drive, Vancouver / 5 – 7 pm / $15
Register Here

Oct. 30 – The Yogic Blueprint

Open Door Yoga, Commercial Drive, Vancouver / 1 – 5 pm / $45
Register Here

Nov. 12 – Land of Yoga

Everyday People Yoga, Ashland, OR / 7 – 9 pm / $15

Nov. 18th – Yoga Sutra Study

Near East Yoga, Portland, OR/ 9am-11am/ Donation

Nov. 26 – The Yogic Blueprint

Everyday People Yoga, Ashland, OR / 2 – 6 pm / $45

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Meet The Facilitator: Zamir Dhanji 

Zamir’s hatha yoga training was influenced by a number of teachers – particularly Swami Sivananda and Donna Farhi – and he completed his 500 hr teacher training under David Goulet in Chakra Yoga. This approach provides a holistic understanding of the body-mind system rooted in modern science…which also corroborates the knowledge of ancient yogis.

He served as an instructor in yoga asana, pranayama, meditation and yoga philosophy for the Langara College yoga teacher training program, teaching both in Vancouver and internationally. He’s trained in Compassionate Inquiry, a somatic-based psychotherapy developed by Dr. Gabor Mate, which informs his healing work as both a yoga teacher and holistic counselor.

He has co-created a program for healing attachment trauma called “Patterns to Presence”, with behavioural scientist Sabrina Lakhani.

He studies Ati-Yoga under Wisdom Master Maticintin, founder of HUMUH : Clear Mind Buddhism and his spiritual teacher for the last decade, spending extended periods in the monastery studying meditation, buddhist logic and doing karma yoga.

In 2020 he founded Mystic Yogi and published The Inner Path, a yoga philosophy practice deck with stunning art and contemporary guidance for yoga seekers looking to integrate the 8 limbs of yoga into their life.


Yogic Teachings Explored

Articles by Zamir

Evolution of Revolution

To include all of life and its possibilities we must harmonize the differences and divisions within ourselves, and it starts with the masculine and feminine energies within us. Tending to this task is a labour of love and it’s absolutely integral to the evolution of revolution on earth.

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A Guide for Meeting your Guru

There are numerous stories from spiritual lore of the fated encounters between Guru and Disciple — many aspirants on the spiritual path hunger to one day meet their guru. But the journey it takes to prepare us to recognize and follow an authentic Guru cannot be planned. We must walk the journey for it to become our own.

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A Vision of Yoga for our Time

The growth of yoga is actually a forerunner in what appears to be a global phenomenon involving the return and appreciation of indigenous ways of knowing. How we treat yoga now can set a tone for our ability to recognize the roots and fruits of indigenous wisdom traditions and incorporate them with skillful means in a modern context.

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