Karma to Dharma Webinar


In this three-part webinar you will be introduced to the yogic knowledge and processes that makes this possible.
You will:

  • Unpack the meaning of the word “karma” – as well as dispell common myths surrounding it – as we examine how it dictates our experience of life.
  • Explore the vast and rich meaning of the word ‘dharma’ and why it is the fundamental principle that helps us create the life that we truly want.
  • Explain the yogic view of how our thoughts, feelings and choices can be directed to a deeper purpose that connects us with the evolutionary process.
  • Introduce specific lifestyle practices of yoga to refine your karma and align with the dharma.
An Inner Path class is not your regular yoga session; it’s an integrated practice that educates body, mind and soul through hatha flows, yoga philosophy and simple techniques that develop your inner potential. Each class is themed using yoga concepts from the Inner Path Deck, insights from science and psychology, and one of the seven moving principles of practice as taught by Donna Farhi. Includes 1 handout per class with an exercise/practice to integrate the concept worked in the class.