Zamir Dhanji

The Forest Speaks

This poem was written in two parts. I was asked to write a piece inspired by the first people’s, in India they are called the Adivasi. They are known by different names all over the world, collectively we refer to them as the indigenous peoples. This piece took me on a trek into the mountains,

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The Perfect Way

The “Unalome” is a Buddhist symbol representing the journey to enlightenment. Beginning in chaos, we move through spirals of karma as we grow in awareness, moving between the polarities of experience until we transcend the limitations of duality and realize our inherent awakened state — or Buddha nature. “Your perception determines how you experience the

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Evolution of Revolution

Emergence, Masculine-Feminine Balance & The Role of Love in Revolution Over the course of millennia we’ve seen the slow but undeniable growth of love as the root of evolutionary social change…and its more powerful now than ever before. In 2012, film-maker Ian Mackenzie and I participated in a year-long project called “Emergence”. We brought together individuals with

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