Zamir Dhanji

Evolution of Revolution

To include all of life and its possibilities we must harmonize the differences and divisions within ourselves, and it starts with the masculine and feminine energies within us. Tending to this task is a labour of love and it’s absolutely integral to the evolution of revolution on earth.

A Guide for Meeting your Guru

There are numerous stories from spiritual lore of the fated encounters between Guru and Disciple — many aspirants on the spiritual path hunger to one day meet their guru. But the journey it takes to prepare us to recognize and follow an authentic Guru cannot be planned. We must walk the journey for it to become our own.

A Vision of Yoga for our Time

The growth of yoga is actually a forerunner in what appears to be a global phenomenon involving the return and appreciation of indigenous ways of knowing. How we treat yoga now can set a tone for our ability to recognize the roots and fruits of indigenous wisdom traditions and incorporate them with skillful means in a modern context.