Yoga – Union – Card

Definition: The Sanskrit noun ‘yoga’ is derived from the root ‘yuj’; to attach, join, harness, yoke. Card Symbology: Yoga can be translated as union of the individual with the Cosmic. The seed of oneness is in our hearts, yoga helps it grow and connect with the Source. The waves represent the fluctuations of the mind-field, […]

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Vairagya – Non-attachment – Card

Definition: Derived from the word ‘virāga’. Joining ‘vi’, meaning without and ‘rāga’ meaning passion, feeling, emotion, colour, interest. Card Symbology:Floating is about effortless effort, a kind of active surrender. The more non-attached we become, the more easily we can float through life and be supported by existence. “Marvelous, marvelous! All sentient beings have the Buddha’s

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Saucha – Purity – Card

Definition: Saucha, from Sanskrit, literally meaning purity, cleanliness, and clearness. Card Symbology: The woman floating represents the sattva guna (mode of nature), which has the qualities of lightness, illumination, and clarity. Purity is reflected in one who embodies these qualities through their lifestyle, and water is an element that clears us physically and energetically. The

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Samskaras – Impressions – Card

Definition: The word ‘samskara’ comes from the Sanskrit ‘sam’ meaning joined together and ‘kara’ meaning action or cause. Beyond generalized patterns, ‘samskaras’ are individual impressions, ideas, actions or formations; taken together, our ‘samskaras’ make up our conditioning. Card Symbology:Impressions are like seeds that grow in the soil of our body, speech, and mind. Hands cultivate

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Samadhi – Oneness – Card

Definition: From ‘sama’ meaning together, and + ‘ā’ which is a prefix, and ‘dhā’ which means to place. ‘Samadhi’ connotes joining, or placing ourselves in Oneness. Card Symbology:The japanese Enso represents the mind of enlightenment – open like the sky, natural and uncontrived. The circle is performed in a single stroke, expressing a state of

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Pratyahara – Sense Withdrawal – Card

Definition: Composed of two Sanskrit words, ‘prati’ and ‘ahara’. ‘Ahara’ means food, or anything we take into ourselves from the outside, and ‘prati’ is a preposition meaning against or away. ‘Pratyahara’ means literally control of ‘ahara’, or gaining mastery over external influences. Card Symbology: The five horses symbolize the five senses – touch, taste, sight,

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