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You Did It! We’re emailing you more information about the TRU Yoga Teacher Training Certification. Make sure you put the correct email address, and look for the follow-up email in your promotions folder.  If you don’t hear back from us in 48 hours please send an email to : namaste@themysticyogi.com

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Welcome to The Mystic Yogi We create dharma art, educational tools and transformative trainings that empower you to develop your inner potential. It is our mission to make the teachings of the mystics and yogis part of your life and practice. https://youtu.be/TDDh_g_ED_8 Learn more about our mission “Being a yogi is a declaration to self-actualize …

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Lead Society In Healing With The TRU Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) A 200hr Certification Experience in Costa Rica to strengthen your skills as a leader and deepen your understanding of ancient practices to foster real inner transformation within yourself and your students. Learn More Below “Every awakened yogi will have an immense impact upon the …

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